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8 out of 10

Ram Gopal Verma

Star Cast
Urmila, Fardeen Khan, Sunil Shetty and Sushant

What is it about?
a terrorist lives in jungle who kidnapped urmila and her lover Fardeen tries his best to get her out of there, when the police has said they can't do anything about it.

different story and a good screenplay

hhmmmm don't think there is any...

How were the Performances
Sunil Shetty did a good job amoung his other movies.
Fardeen Khan surprised everyone by his warm performance and he looks cute.
Urmila did a well job but in some scenes she need to improve.
Sushant did a superb job, let's see may be he'll get the best villian award.
Kashmira Shah did well too but tell you what! you can barely recognize her.

My favourite scene
When Sushant's buddies finds ideas about how to cut the lady's neck.

A Must See Movie!!!