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August 14, 2001

Office of Admissions
150 Atkinson Building
York University
4700 Keele Street
M3J 1P3

Attention: Lee Mugford
I have recieved a letter from you which was about rescinding your offer of admission because there was a dropped in my final marks. I have emailed you and explained the reason why this happened. It happened due to the sudden sevear fever, and throat infection. I even showed the doctor's note to my vice principal. I attended Nelson A. Collegiate Institute. I wrote my Finite exam in vey ill health condition.

In the light of the above fact my percentage went down. Whereas required six OAC's granted. I will request to you honour please allow me to attend the university in September 2001, and let me attend the subject I am enrolled in. I would really appreciate that. Due to your late communication about resciding your offer I can't even take summer school and improve my marks. I beleive my final marks were recorded in my transcript right after I recieved my report card, which was on June 28, 2001. Therefore you could've inform me then about resciding your offer. I don't want to loose my academic year, 2001/2002 and have no idea what I should do now, so please advice me.

In the light of above circumstance I would like to request your to consider my case on humanitarian ground for which act of kidness I shall be ever remain greatful to you.

Thank you

Yours truly

Nikhat Osman
student #: 205457072
Tel #: (416) 630-9231
e-mail :